Do You Hear Crickets??

I’ve been silent as the dead lately, but I’m still engrossed in this book writing gig. Thought I should probably drop in and actually give an update as many of you are still visiting this blog every day. Poor people. After viewing my stats, I felt horrible. I’ve been absent. Slacking. And yet you still visit! I guess if you build it they WILL come 🙂

So, I made it halfway through revisions and realized I had some serious plot issues to iron out. Not just the tense issue that I posted about a while back, but much more. You’d think I’d know better by now, but I’m still a pantser at heart and dang if it didn’t get me into hot water. So, I’m now enrolled in a Mastering Goal, Motivation and Conflict class over at Savvy Authors. I’m taking time to go back through and examine my logline, theme, plot points, internal and external conflicts, GMC’s and MRU’s, scenes and sequels. All that fuuuuunnn stuff.

Someone told me, “If it’s that messed up, maybe you should put it aside and start something else.”

I said, “I’ll grow toad skin first.”

Granted, there have been days when I considered it. Not growing toad skin, but the other bit. Days when the issues seemed beyond repair.

But it’s not the story. It’s me. I’m the one writing it. Its flaws are there because I put them there.

So I fix.

I plot.

I re-write.

I plot.

I read.

I plot.

And I fix.

And I’ll do it until this thing shines.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around. For stopping in to check on me.

I hope all of you are doing WONDERFUL! Happy writing 🙂

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