Detailed Writing and Eating Your Mate

Yesterday I spent hours researching the setting for my novel. 

I know…it seems a little late for that considering I’m halfway through the manuscript. 

However….I just needed details…I’m a stickler for details.  I want to know what time the sun sets and the names of local businesses.  I want to know the neighborhoods and street names. 

There is little I don’t want to know.  And I think that is good.  Specify to clarify.  That’s the mantra I chant when I’m writing. 

The more specific I am…the better the reader can imagine what I’m depicting. 

Instead of saying restaurant, I like to find the perfect one and use it’s name, (or one similar if they aren’t ok with their name being used in a novel.)

Grounding the reader in the setting connects them, so remember…Specify to Clarify.

Now…for a little funny…or gross…(that may be a better word) fact.

As I researched yesterday…(Turks and Caicos by the way)…I came to find that Glow Worms exist…and not the kind you might find in a box on a shelf at the toy store.

Real Glow Worms.

Every month..a few days before and after a full moon..millions of Glow Worms become visible in the waters off the shore of the Turk Islands.  They turn the diamond-clear waters a glowing green.  Wierd, huh?  There are even cruises to drift you out there to watch.

Now…that’s neat…though I still think any worm is gross, even if it glows, and especially when it is in the company of millions of others.


And even worse?

They glow and then mate….AND THEN THE FEMALE EATS THE MALE.

So…not only do people get a vision of nature at it’s most creative…a creature that glows…they also get to witness cannibalism amongst worms.

Again…yuck.  And more yuck.

The first thing that came to my mind is how many species go through the same process.  Some scorpions and spiders, as well as Preying Mantises…and now, Glow Worms.

I am soooo glad human females don’t eat their mate…though the ability would be a good scare tactic.

I don’t know that Glow Worms will make it into my novel but they provided a little amazement for me anyway.

I hope everyone has a great day…and if you’re writing…remember the details….

Now…here’s a little video of a sweet song I’ve been listening to this morning…(it has absolutely nothing to do with Glow Worms or setting, by the way)…Enjoy!!!

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