Computer Wiz

     So I feel pretty smart after the last few days of learning html coding and editing formats and how to embed videos and all sorts of other techno-geek stuff.  I never realized how much ‘stuff’ is behind everything you see on a webpage! 
     Today I’ve managed to get zero writing done…yet again…but I knew that would be the case until I get this blog designed!  It’s still early though!  I am however editing a couple stories that I wrote about a year ago to post…I may not finish them today, but….I’m almost there!
      Anyway…… I couldn’t have gotten through the morning without some fun music…..
     The following are a couple of songs and videos of the band The Ettes.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see them play live a few times and they are pretty awesome!  Watch the drummer in the second video….she blows my mind and is even better live.  The music is sort of garage revival but it’s fun…. GIRLS ROCK!!!!

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