Book Giveaway, Writing Update & Civil Twilight

So I’ve had a great week of writing. I love it when the scenes fall together so easily! Feedback from my readers was also FABULOUS and extremely encouraging. I love knowing I can cause huge swings in emotion with a few pages of words.

And…though I know not everyone ties music to their work, I do. It’s an enormous part of who I am as a writer. Music evokes emotion. If I find the right song, that emotion comes through when I write. I have a playlist a mile long and a song for nearly every scene I’ve written.

And this is the song I chose for the last scene. I know you guys have no idea what it means to the story, but…WOW. For me, it signifies the mindset of my main character. Gives me chills 🙂 Plus…I’ve fallen in love with this band. Thankfully they are from Nashville so at some point I’ll get to see them play live.

And don’t forget that I’m giving away an ebook of Willows: Haven by Hope Collier for the Blog Tour that will stop here on October 2nd. Enter here by simply leaving a comment. Every blog stop is giving away a copy, so here’s the schedule in case you want to up your chances of winning!

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09/02/11 Me My Shelf and I
09/03/11 Writing Crazy Me
09/04/11 Stuck In Books Excerpt
09/05/11 Books Over Boys
09/06/11 Mocha Latte Reads Dream Cast
09/07/11 Live To Read
09/08/11 Two Readers Review
09/09/11 Bookworm Lisa
09/10/11 We Fancy Books Character interview with Gabe
09/11/11 A Tale of Many Reviews
09/12/11 A Casual Reader’s Blog
09/13/11 Songs and Stories
09/14/11 Fantasy Fairy
09/15/11 Booc Looks
09/16/11 The Light of Asteria Guest Post
09/17/11 Paper Cut Reviews
09/18/11 Cicis Theories
09/19/11 Literature Monsters
09/20/11 Letters Inside Out excerpt
09/21/11 A Written Rhapsody
09/22/11 aoBibliosphere
09/23/11 Book By Book Review
09/24/11 Carole
09/25/11 YA Bound Character interview with Ash
09/26/11 Young Readers Excerpt
09/27/11 The Ending Unplanned
09/28/11 Meghann Daugherty
09/29/11 Alison Hess
09/30/11 Megan Curd Guest Post
10/01/11 Cup of Tea Reviews
10/02/11 Charissa Weaks
10/03/11 The Awesome Magic Attic
10/04/11 Tori Scott
10/05/11 Jessie Harrell
10/06/11 A Tale of Many Reviews Video interview with author

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  1. That song was excellent. I may need to purchase their CD. Thank you for that.

    I always write with music on, I don't usually have a playlist, but I feel like there is definitely a connection to music and my writing.

    Thanks for the post!