Book Fever Friday

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

Mine has been stressful, but I survived and am beyond thrilled that Friday is here and my life crisis is over!!! (Thanks for all the well wishes for my dad, by the way!).

As for the book choice today……I’m closing my eyes…feeling the books on my shelf…and the winner is:

The Tiger by John Vaillant!! 


I’ll be 100% honest:  I bought the book because I am fascinated by tigers. 

Every time I visit a zoo, tigers are the first animal I want to see.  The bad part is that I’m not sure my brain would turn off the fascination if I ever came face to face with one…I’d be like a moth to a flame and I know it. 

Let’s hope I never cross paths with one because I will most likely get eaten.

I am horrified of sand crabs, but a shark?  A shark I want to reach out and touch…and would…and nearly have, had it not been for the posessive fisherman. 
It’s the same with tigers.  Fear evaporates and I get taken in, completely mesmerized.  Just like I was when I saw this book, with it’s crimson claw marks and beautiful pages, in the bookstore.

Now…like I’ve said before, I read every genre and this is non-fiction, but even if you have never read a non-fiction book in your life…noespecially if you haven’t…put this one on your list.

Here is what Amazon has to say:  (Click on the link to read an excerpt!)

Amazon Best Books of August 2010
Deep in the frigid Siberian wilderness, an Amur tiger hunts. Fearsome strength is at the command of a calculating mind that relentlessly stalks its newest prey: man. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the taiga, John Vaillant provides an unforgettable true account of a lethal collision between man and beast in a remote Russian village during the late 1990’s. At its core, The Tiger is the story of a desperate poacher who picked the wrong tiger to accost. Yet it engages the reader on political, socioeconomic, and conservation fronts in order to explain how the stage was set for a deadly showdown. It’s a gutsy approach that could easily lead to chaotic storytelling, but Vaillant is careful to keep the bone-chilling storyline taut by capturing the intensity of an animal worthy of our greatest respect and deepest fears. –Dave Callanan

I learned so much from this book…things I had no idea about…things so expansive you must read the book to grasp.  John Vaillant did a phenomenal job researching this story and knew exactly how to portray the real-life events on the page. 

Vaillant weaves these threads effortlessly:  The story of a wounded tiger seeking vengeance, the story of the men charged with hunting the tiger down, the unbelievable culture of the Far East, the effects of perestroika on Russians, and setting description that makes you wonder if you’re reading about the Far East or Pandora from Avatar.

I was more than impressed. 

This was a story that made it’s mark on me, made me want to learn more about a creature that mesmerizes me.  Did you know it is expected that tigers will be extinct by 2022 if left unprotected?  

It’s true…and sad.  So…read the book.  It is a read well worth the time.

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  1. I've been sort of dreadfully behind on internet-ing this week, but I did want to give my well-wishes to your father. I know how upsetting it can be to watch our parents go through such difficulties – I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be looking up.