Blog Hop!!

This is my first time EVER to do a Blog Hop and I really have no idea what I’m doing 😉 But here goes….

If you don’t visit Alex J. Cavanaugh’s blog regularly, you should ‘cuz he’s pretty awesome and he’s the man behind Insecure Writer’s Support Group!

So this is my insecurity for the day:

I’m worried I will NEVER fix the beginning of my novel. Yes…I said NEVER.

I’m a pretty confident person and it takes a lot to knock me down, but the beginning of this book has not only body slammed me, it’s now sitting on my chest like a thousand pound weight.

I love Act II and Act III, but that nasty Act I is laughing at me, telling me this is an impossible feat because I can’t beat it. It taunts me every time I sit down to write.

My insecurity is that I CAN’T get it right…that I’m lacking something…some ability…some insight…some vision.

And I know that it’s just fear talking but oh my….fear can be a massive opponent.

Which I will slay.

When the time is right.

Happy Writing Everyone…

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  1. Hi Charissa! Thanks for dropping by my blog! My advice to you is to pretend your novel starts at Chapter Two and see how it feels. You might get some inspiration! :o)

  2. Ah, the dreaded beginning. I always like novels that start in the middle of something, like you've opened up a diorama into the character's lives at some random instant. You'll get it, and you'll know it when you do!

  3. Hi Charissa. I'm hopping blogs and found yours. I find the further into a novel I get and the more I know my character, the opening just falls into place – sometimes it's the last thing I write. I hope you get there in the end!

  4. If you stay stuck, this seems like an excellent time to turn it over to some objective readers (whose minds haven't been toiling over it) and get their input. I also like Jessica's idea to pretend it starts at chapter 2 and see if that gets ideas churning.

  5. Like Nicki, I was going to suggest handing it over to some beta readers to see what they think. All you might need is an idea or two for things to take off!

  6. I wouldn't worry about it for now – just keeping writing. I didn't have a title or a beginning to my memoir for a long time. It came together after the whole thing was drafted.

  7. I'd leave it to the end. I'm a member of the Hatrack Workshop and you can submit your first 13 lines there for comments and feedback. I found that helpful.

  8. bloghopping, Charissa & I like what I see. I think both Jessica and Julie F are right — all the best moview throw you in the middle of the action & chap 2 can explain a lot after the reader surfaces from the shock! my prob is my ending, but I used the same technique and pretended it was an excerpt of an ongoing (unending) saga… lol

  9. Hi Charissa. Thanks for visiting my blog and love yours. I would set it aside and let it stew. I know, hard. Trust me, I'm the queen of impatience. Or have another person take a peek sometimes that can help get ideas flowing. It's neverending.
    Good luck and can't wait to read more posts.

  10. I think I've rewritten the beginning of all my novels at least three times if not more. It's so important to get that part right but I'm sure you'll do it.

  11. I agree with the other commenters. Try finding a critique/beta readers group and see what they have to say. Often the advice they come back with will spark something and send you on the right course.

  12. Oh, fear can be so frustrating when it starts making us doubt are abilities.

    Have you had someone else look at it yet? Try taking time away from it while someone you trust looks it over. Then come back to it with a clear mind and a fresh set of eyes.

    At least you don't have a saggy middle or a boring ending. Good luck, Charissa!

  13. a drastic approach may be to chop off act I and start at act II
    think of why you cant do that and there is your beginning…

    just a different way to look at it =)

    (and i agree, another set of eyes would help tremendously!)

  14. Charissa – Slay that fear dragon! You can fix your act 1! Trust your writing instincts and take a fresh look at it!
    I know how you feel since the beginning of my first WIP is still a bit of a mess, but I have some new ideas for fixing it . . . now that I'm neck deep in NaNo with another novel.
    Best of wishes for your WIP – and nice meeting you through the blog hop!

  15. I'm struggling through the first couple scenes in my new WiP right now. The beginning is the hardest! I'm excited about the project on a whole, and I'm hoping NaNo forces open the doors and stomps down my insecurities long enough to get a first draft down. Then, I'll be commiserating with you as I revise those vital first chapters. Good luck with yours!

    Thanks for the follow on my blog. Pleasure to meet you!

  16. Oh, I understand that worry. Been there. Step back and take a breather. It all will come to you, just not as fast as you might like. I recently went through that.

    Best of luck!!