Are You Participating in All Hallow’s Read?


What IS All Hallow’s Read? Take a look:

Totally fabulous idea, right??! Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, and now I love him even more. 

SO! I will be hosting a giveaway in October. FREE BOOKS. Free SCARY books. Or…at least books with some paranormal element 😉

I have no idea which books I’ll give away just yet, but I’ll announce it here on October 1. Winners will be announced October 31.

For more information on All Hallow’s Read, visit

There’s even a page with book lists from Harper Collins, Neil Gaiman, The Washington Post, HPPL KidReads, Huffington Post, Joe Hill, and more.

Want bookmarks to give out with books? Posters for your website? Printable The Raven mini-book? Book Drop stickers? Click HERE.

Give a book this Halloween instead of candy. Or with candy. That’s even better. 😉

Are you participating in All Hallow’s Read? If so, what’s your plan? What books will you give? Any book recommendations?

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