Are You A Cheater?

Okay…I admit it.

I’m one of those people that likes to flip to the end of a new book, read the last couple pages and THEN begin reading the book.

I don’t do it with all books I read, but with the majority I do cheat. Knowing the ending creates more desire in me to know how the characters make it to that point.

I also have to admit that I have skimmed boring pages or whole chapters in books. If the author ends up getting off track and it’s all telling or back story, my interest has been known to wane.

BUT…one thing I have never done – that I can recall – is skip through all the stuff between character’s dialogue.

The fabulous Jessica Lemmon left a comment on Monday’s post (dialogue tags) about how she read somewhere that many readers actually do SKIP the good stuff in between.

That’s mortifying to me.

But then again…I read the ending first đŸ™‚ I’m no saint.

What about you? What are your book reading bad habits??

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  1. I must admit that I've flipped to the back before–I'm very much a How rather than a What person, so knowing how it ends doesn't lessen my enjoyment. Can't imagine skipping everything between the pieces of dialogue, though. That's how you get the How!

  2. I found myself flipping to the last page of a hardback the other day. I just wanted to make sure the characters were going to be OK. Thanks to ebooks, I rarely do that anymore.

    Even if a book is incredibly boring, I can't skip or skim any part of it. I have to read everything. What if I miss something really important?? So, all the stuff in between will get my full attention.

  3. I love to be surprised. So I never read jacket flaps, summaries or reviews. I open to page 1 and read to the end. If a book is boring or a section is boring, I just speed read through it.