Anyone Still There???

Hi guys!!

I know I’ve been invisible for a while…like two months…but I have good reason, I swear.

First of all, I’ve had a lot of kid stuff going on. Being a mom is a lot of work, toting kids here and there, helping with homework that’ll make your head spin, sitting for hours at gymnastics, etc. You know the drill. And now I have officially survived a prom and have earned the ever coveted title of Cheer Mom. Oy.

Secondly, I’ve been writing. Like crazy.

I veered off track again, (I know, a mortal sin), but I decided it is possible to beat a dead horse and I’m fairly sure that’s what I was doing with the Katherine Shaw ms. I’m not saying I’ve given up on it, I’ve just put it aside.

It was a tough thing to do because I don’t give up easily, as evidenced by the fact that this is my THIRD YEAR trying to get that story right, but I do know when something just isn’t working.

I decided I needed a break from that world and began another project with my crit partner, Misty Waters. Great story with alternating POV’s. She writes one, I write the other. TONS of delicious and really complicated world-building. I was on track with a good story and happy.

But then…the rails shifted.

I can’t remember exactly why I did it, it possibly happened while I was having a creative moment and waiting on my friend to write her chapter, but I sat down and wrote a few pages of a love story that had come to my mind in 2010. I even blogged about it here. 

And I was in trouble.

I soon had two characters that had literal sparks flying between them. The hero is one of those guys that grabs you from page one and doesn’t let go. I was stunned at how easy it was to write their story.

NINE chapters in 10 days.

That doesn’t really happen to me. Where my crit partner Misty is Speedy Gonzales with her writing, I am a GLACIER. Usually. Not anymore. Least not with this manuscript.

And, after Misty read it, I was commanded to finish it before we did anything else on our little project. Seems this hero of mine is addicting.

My other readers, two of my dearest friends, are in love with the story and characters too. Do you know how awesome it is to hear your characters quoted???? To get text messages that say:

Gimme Charlie.

Is ten done?? Is TEN done??

I miss Charlie.

I love him. LOVE him. More, please.

Those kind of texts and emails and conversations have driven me on this ms because even thought this is not the direction I’ve been aiming for with my writing, these characters suck you in. They’ve sucked me in.

Since the first of April I have written over half the book and I’m well on my way to the end. I’m excited for edits. This is the FIRST time I have not tried to edit while writing the first draft. THE FIRST TIME.

So…I’ll keep you guys updated, I promise. 

I hope all is well!!!! Happy writing 🙂


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  1. Three cheers for Charissa! That's fabulous news, and an excellent reason to skip blogging for a while. My writing hasn't been quite so speedy, but I'm finally getting back in the groove.

    And yes, it does feel good to have friends anxiously waiting for the next part of your masterpiece.

  2. I'm happy you've found this time for writing! It sounds like you're really enjoying it, and isn't that what we all want while writing? I just wish I could get out of this down in the dumps fog about my current work in progress. I haven't touched in about a month.