And The Work Begins…

I obviously love challenges.

Put me in front of a mountain and I want to climb it.  Tell me it can’t be done and I want to prove you wrong.

It’s just my nature.  And right now I’m thankful for it.

My goal for January was to have my first draft of my current WIP in good enough shape to begin the first real round of revisions.  I wanted February to be a month of tweaking the chapters, going back and layering in more conflict, slashing redundancies and adverbs and unnecessary description, checking for consistency of voice.

If you read this blog you know that I lost a week of progress while my father was ill, but I’m not giving up.

By February 1, the first draft will be printed and sitting on my desk beside a cup full of red pens.  Even if I have to write through the night.

My birthday is February 2, so I may even put a big bow on the printed manuscript as a gift to myself.  I’ll even take a lovely little picture of it and post for you all to see.

Now, make no mistake, I understand that this is when the real work begins.

I wrote an outline yesterday.  Already, I see the need for additional support characters, more engaging dialogue, more conflict, less telling and more showing, and more action.

I also listed, by chapter, the conflict each main character (there are 2) is experiencing.  This clarified that I have lots of internal conflict but the external conflicts are a little generic and less than.  And remember, conflict drives the story.

Also, this is a romantic comedy.  The situations should make you laugh or at least bring a smile to your face, so external conflicts that I choose to add need to lead in that direction. 

I have a lot of work ahead of me, I know, but I’ll eventually get there. 

This mountain is gargantuan, but it’s mine.