A Giant Step For The Technologically Resistant

Well…I did it. No…my husband did it.

He gave me a great shove into the technological world this week by buying me an iPhone (my friends will be happy) and a Nook.

If you’ve read my blog you know I’m technologically resistant. I claim to be a little technologically challenged too but that’s not entirely true. I’m actually pretty handy with computers. I just resist having everything in my life digitalized. Yet here I am…with everything I need in the palm of my hand.

I haven’t had my own cell phone in years…by choice. You may also know from previous posts how leery I am of eBooks – not that they aren’t a fabulous way of selling books – they are – it’s just that I worry about the printed book. So, for me, owning an eReader is a big deal. You can laugh, but so did those who thought vinyl records would never become obsolete. Change freaks me out, I guess.

Anyway…I am now connected and ready to join the legions of people who swear by their eLibraries. I will still buy printed books – especially those I fall in love with or the ones with pretty covers I can’t resist or the rare copy found in the antique book store. Odds are good I will own TWO copies of my favorite books…the eBook and the actual print. I can’t help it…I can’t turn my back on all those amazing homeless books out there.

What about you? Have an eReader? Love it? Hate it? Do you still buy print books?

And some music for your day 🙂

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  1. Ha! Welcome to the dark side! I have an iPhone and iPad that I use as my e-readers. I iBooks and the Kindle apps to read when I choose an ebook. I prefer print books myself but I like to use my iPad or phone when I am at the gym and trying to read while running/walking. I use it on vacation instead of lugging around a bag of books. It is also great for unexpected pauses in life (waiting at the Dr. office, waiting at kids' practices, etc.).

    Have fun with it. You can have a double life as well!

    P.S. You are going to LOVE your iPhone. Make sure you check out the tutorials on apple.com so that you know exactly what it can do. Tremendous help.

  2. Congrats on busting your way into 2011! hee hee.
    Kidding. You'll love your e-reader. It's no secret that I love my kindle. I still love paper books but the kindle is super convenient and if it's possible, I think I read even more now that I have it.
    I'm super jealous of your iphone. I have a blackberry (not totally by choice) but would LOVE a iphone.

  3. I don't havr an actual eReader – but I have several eReader apps on my phone. I still by print books – but only if there is not an e version – or I can find it cheeper than the e version.

  4. Love my Kindle! I have a small apartment, I don't have room for all the books that I read. I don't buy a whole lot of print books any longer, but I purchase more books in total. An e-reader also opens up possibilities for all of those classics that you meant to read but never quite got around to, since a lot of them are out of copyright and thus free.